Lovely weekend wasn’t it? With the weather warm and sunny and a couple of opportunities for lengthier rides I was out the door like a rocket propelled ferret on speed.

You’ve gotta love a Bank Holiday weekend.

So for “lengthier ride #2” I did a reverse up to the Punchbowl, encountering a Matt W on Hankley who was basically doing the same as me but the proper way round and it’s cracking to see his fingers progressing nicely (37 days and counting).

After bidding Matt farewell I span up Patrick’s Passage (tee hee hee) and while climbing I realised I hadn’t come this way since “Treemaggedon”. So with that in mind I thought it only right and proper I provide you with a review of the ‘massive trail obstacle’ that cost me a new helmet.

Yep, it is still an utter mystery how I hit the tree…