Winter. Remember that?

Remember clipping the lights on your bike before you leave the door? Remember pulling on an extra-extra layer cos it was just grim outside? Remember coming home after a ride with one or more parts of your anatomy feeling like a block of ice? Remember horizontal freezing cold rain? Remember hosing down the bike at midnight to remove 6 inches of finest Surrey mud?

I do.

So it is with a smile on my face and a glad heart I propose a massive “MTB shout out” for May and fingers crossed, early June. Perhaps even #ukmtbsummer?

Rejoice in the fact it’s mostly dry and mostly warm. Revel in the truth that your bike fitness is tolerable, and bikes are running well. Be ecstatic that the sun does not set until after 9:00pm and chances are it does not need a clean when you get home. Be mildly orgasmic at the reality of TFITs where you start the ride in daylight.

Anyone riding this weekend? I mean, why wouldn’t you?