So, am doing lengthy database stuff today. The databases are large. Very large. Moving, cleaning or even just thinking about them takes forever. It’s boring. Very boring.

And then I remembered the interweb and all my problems are solved! I had a quick browse of WP Reader and came across this fantastic post on Legget Immoblier Morzine & Les Gets for a 3* Hotel for sale in Morzine.

It houses up to 69 guests, has 25 bedrooms, a pool (!), a restaurant and all of those “hotel-esque” type things. Its just beautiful and I have to be honest, I’d quite fancy staying there.

And all for only €3,600,000 (…fumbles through wallet.. *sigh*… closes wallet)

However, if you’re in the market for some super sexy Mozine / Les Gets property, I recommend you visit Legget Immoblier, if only to drool (like I just have). I may even go take a look at it when we get to Morzine in 44 days time.

But imagine… free riding every summer… free skiiing every winter…

Do I hear “crowd funding” anyone?