I’ve just got back from an awesome morning at Swinley Forest, and I don’t just mean in a ‘dodging the rain’ kind of way. So Leigh B mailed me last week and asked if I fancied filling in a last minute space on a “jumps and drops” course – oh yes please I thought.

I’ve been decidedly cautious on the bike since massaging a tree with my head a couple of weeks ago and despite a fantastic “old-skool-hooning- it” ride up to Puttenham last TFIT I’ve not felt 100% comfortable on the bike. I was in need of a bit of mojo recuperation.

So “Operation GetSomeMojo” was well served by Tom Dowie and Sarah from Mountain Bike Tuition. Tom was an excellent coach, patient and full of good advice. There is nothing quite like someone critiquing what you doing – when it’s good and what you’re doing wrong.

Tom ran us through “pumping” the bike to absorb as well as to get lift. Over the course of the morning we sessioned a double berm section on one of the Swinley blues then moved on to a triple set of tabletops building up to a double then a couple of increasingly large drop-offs. I’ve still got pre-Morzine work to do (I’m popping to early on the upslope) but everything was relaxed and smooth.

Tom’s overall advice was B.F.L.S (Body position, Feet, Looking for landing and Speed) – very similar to Tony Doyle at UK Bike Skills so for me it felt like a fantastic refresher course and exactly what I needed.

I’d thoroughly recommend both M.B.T and Tom if you are looking for some skills improvement and you can find them on their site’s above.

For the Morzine 2016 crowd (47 days chaps), I will be mailing you all at some point this weekend to remind about outstanding monies and the lay of the land.

And lastly, for the TFITers – Matt’s been out for a ride!!!