On-One bikes. They hold a special place in the mythos of TFITers. Dave D rode one for a chunk of time before he was seduced by Transition bikes and Andy C, well, Andy C is not made of the same stuff as normal human beings, so the fact that he rode his Inbred for such a long time – complete with rigid carbon fork, single-speed setup and immovable seatpost – has impressed more than one of us.

In fact, I seem to remember on one of my first TFIT outings my jaw dropped open when I spotted the that Andy’s ride had no travel after we had clattered down Hydons (nearly breaking both me and my trusty Giant XTC!)

I also remember the total amusement, nay hysterical laughter, exhibited by the French lift station guys as they loaded Andy’s minimalist machine onto the back of the chair lift. I’m not sure exactly what they said but I’m pretty sure it was “Crétin fini…”.

However, Andy’s not like us normal mortals (his bones are made of carbon rods and his knees are a custom job by Shimano) and he laughed his way through three Alps trips on it. So, it’s appropriate Andy pinged me a link to this afternoon to the On-One Codeine 650b SRAM GX1 … which… is… just… sex.. on… wheels.

Pike RCT3 160s up front, 150mm Marzocchi 053 S3C2R shock (that rolls off the tongue…), Reverb Stealth dropper 125mm or 150mm, SRAM stoppers, SRAM’s GX1 go-gear finished off with a smattering of WTB and On-One’s finishing kit.  And all that for less than £1,800. Andy pointed out that’s got to be £1500 worth of fork / shock / dropper combo alone. Like I said, that’s just naughty.

So Malcolm, you said you were looking for a bike…?