So Leigh B sent me a cracker of a post on today – namely the Seven Most Insane Jumps in MTB History. I think this is highly appropriate given the impending Swinley Forest jumps course on Saturday I’ve managed to wangle my way onto due to a last minute space availability (thanks to Mr B!).

I’m hoping the session at Swinley through Mountain Bike Tuition / Purple Bike Shed with coach Tom Dowie will be decidedly more ‘normal’ than the videos in the above post (they promise it will be… phew) and is very much needed in a “Morzine 2016 is getting ever close” kind of way.

I’ll write a follow up after the session. In the meantime can I recommend you grab a coffee, settle down and enjoy some of the most astounding things I have ever seen on a MTB.

I mean – the height of the drop off on the first video… and as for the size of Cam Zink’s balls… But my absolute favourite is Vink Zico and Brendan Fairclough – just Oh… My… God