A lot of us spend too much money on bike kit. Guilty as charged m’lud. However, there are certain occasions when investment in kit makes perfect sense and I had one of those last night.

I have (had) a Bell Super 2r helmet which I bought pre-Alps last year and I love it dearly.

It’s comfy, has excellent head coverage (important detail…), is light, fits my stupidly large melon head, looks good and has the all important chin guard for Alpine, Wales or bike park trips.

However before I bought the Bell I read some negative comments about how it was “not as robust” as a proper full face or “felt a bit flimsy” which did concern me a bit.


Last night I was hooning it down Patrick’s Passage (local trail… stop laughing..) enjoying the oh so dry trails. It was a beautiful evening and enthusiasm was in the air.

What happened next I’m not exactly sure but I think the back of the bike frame caught a branch or something similar. The net result being my forward momentum (Strava said 23 mph) made the bike flip 180 degrees which catapulted me head first into a sturdy Surrey tree.

Apparently I managed to turn my head before I hit face first and impacted the tree on the right occipital bone (the back right hand side of my head) and frankly knocked myself stupid. I spent last night in The Royal Surrey Hospital A&E (who were simply awesome) getting assessed and as you would imagine, the prognosis was concussion caused by severe impact.

However, it’s only a mild concussion.

I feel mildly drunk and I have a headache the likes of which I would not wish on Donald Trump, but basically aside from other incidental cuts and bruises I’m fine. I walked / staggered away from that one.

So yep, the Bell Super 2R earned every single penny of it’s cost last night.

The impact has broken the Exposure mount off and caused three cosmetic scratches to the surface of the helmet and interestingly the force of applying ‘head to tree’ caused the internal cage to “come-away” from its mounting (see photos above) but basically that’s all there is to say.

So my conclusion is that a lesser helmet with less coverage at the back of the head would have resulted in a much less happy outcome for me and probably an absence of blogs for a couple of weeks!

So how does the Bell Super 2R perform in an actual crash? Bloody awesome, that’s how.