Oh my word what a fantastic riding weekend this has been. The trails are just dry, dry with an extra portion of dry and “t-shirt only” riding weather to boot – what’s not to love!

On my second excursion of the weekend I ended up at Matt W’s for an impromptu post-ride barbecue which was awesome. And it was here I had both a mini-revelation and heard the leading contender for TFIT / MTB quote of the year.

First, my revelation. So Matt W has a 650b Transition Bandit like me. I’ve had my Bandit since June 2014 and Matt bought his September 2014 (post the actions of another Surrey bike thief turd). So, same bikes, same fork and shock, and roughly the same riding position. However, Matt has just had his fork and shock serviced by Mojo.

Now this has been something I’ve been mulling around in my head for a while. Not that there is anything specifically wrong with my suspension but I’m kind of aware that my beloved Bandit has done 2 years of solid riding, including two Alps trips and maybe it’s time to think about rebuilding the bouncy bits?

The thing that’s been putting me off though is the usual – “it’s a lot of cash to fork out” (ouch on that pun), “my suspension doesn’t feel that bad”, etc.

Having said that I did check out their servicing prices and Mojo do a pick up and drop off service with a turnaround of 3-4 days roughly which would set me back about £200+ I reckon. It’s not an insubstantial outlay but with the accepted advice being ‘service annually’ (or after 150 riding hours with super heavy use, I kid you not) maybe it’s time… (procrastination start now…)

However then I had a brief spin on Matt’s Bandit yesterday after my ride up to the Punchbowl.

Oh… Ah… Yes… I see.

The difference in fork feel was not huge but it was palpable. I have to admit I tend not to ‘think’ about my suspension. This despite it’s importance as a component, although I have been trying to fiddle with the settings recently (following a conversation with Dave D) to get a better feel. Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet pre-Alps and get my “bounce” re-invigorated THEN start fiddling with sag and rebound…

Now I just have to convince the long suffering Mrs G and this is when Mrs W came to my rescue with the titular quote of the year:

Me: “forks… service… blah… blah… key component… blah.. very important from a certain perspective”

Mrs W: “There is no perspective… it’s bikes”

There is no perspective.. it’s bikes? Now THAT needs to be a t-shirt. Hallelujah