Santa Cruz just launched the revised Tallboy. ‘The new Tallboy is sharper, but slacker, shorter but longer, steeper but lower, racier but trail-ready. And it’ll take 27.5+ wheels as well as 29in wheels. It’ll take a 120mm fork up front, to it’s 110mm rear, but if you’re running 27.5+ wheels, you can run a 130mm fork and keep the geometry the same by using the flip-chip on the rear shock mount.’

The Flip-Chip allows the shock position change to accommodate the 27.5 or 29er wheelset. Interesting idea:

In 29er mode
and 27.5

I noted with interest how the predominate MTB marketing in South Africa was aimed at carbon hardtail race lycra brigade, so I had a chuckle at the spoof Cape Epic promotional video by none other than Greg Minnaar. Worth watching until the end, that’s a trick I want to try in Morzine. Enjoy:

Oh, and finally, I got my first puncture this weekend. Stans was not up to the job. Fear I may need a new tire if I plan to take out the tube again. Drinking tube included for Steve’s benefit.