It’s quite simple. I’d like to claim the “dweeb of the month” prize. So I write software for a living and there is a maxim in my job (and in many others I guess) which is “Evaluate, then solve”. The idea being you need to understand what you are trying to fix before your fingers touch the keyboard.

Anyway analogies aside, I was delighted to receive a mail from Tom at TamedEarth bikes yesterday afternoon telling me me Hope Tech Enduros had arrived so I beetled on up to the shop and picked up my very sexy new rims. First impressions? They are definitely lighter than my Revolution TBCs (no surprise) and have a slightly wider internal width. Oh yeah, and the look the mutt’s nuts as well.

So ‘fevered activity’ ensued when I got home trying to get the ‘buckled’ rear wheel replaced so I could give at least one wheel a testing on last night’s TFIT.

The old wheel came off, the cassette was removed and refitted, rim tape installed, old tyre slipped on (the joy of a wider internal rim width!), Stans poured in and the tyre seated and inflated on the first attempt. Oh how clever I am, how talented, how…

It was then I noticed that the old tyre was wobbling around on my new rim like jelly on a washing machine. Oh… bums…

There is nothing wrong with my Revolution TBCs. I had not bucked my rear wheel. What I had done was completely deform the Purgatory when I made my last jump. So immediately rushing out to buy new wheels was more like “Solve, then Evaluate” in this instance.

Am an idiot.

In my defence, perhaps there is a “very slight rim deformation” but absolutely nothing that could not be solved with 5 minutes of TLC in a wheels truing stand.

So I’m currently hoping Mrs Morzine does not read this latest blog and realise that a) I’ve just lashed out on some new wheels for no good reason and b) her husband is a total buffoon. I’m currently reminding myself that I wanted to replace my wheels this year anyway so I’ve just saved myself some time… Or something like that

So “buffoonery” aside, we had a TFIT last night. Not a big showing with just me, Dave D, Andy C and Steve F out up to Hascome for some “Hascombr” related fun. The trails were mostly dry and running well and it was interesting to see everyone out on a 29er (I had hastily borrowed Matt’s Covert to ride). It was also great to see Dave, Andy and Steve having huge amounts of trail fun on their bikes. Any root and lump was an opportunity and all were well and truly styled. Then a post-ride debrief at the White Heart where we met Matt W who is healing well, Bob M and Mark T for welcome beers.

The Covert is an interesting bike. Matt had dropped his Thompson seatpost a bit and the riding position was much better for me this time. The Covert does like to “go” at the any sign of a descent and roll over things like a steamroller on speed. She was in a playful mood and allowed me to get her airborne on 3 occasions. There is something very nice about getting an unfamiliar bike in the air. No “big bike syndrome” there and I confess I had a stupid grin for most of the ride. I still find 29ers a bit ponderous in terms of steering and the Covert does not climb as well as my Bandit but I put that down to my unfamiliarity with the bike more than anything. So, the Transition Covert – all round thumbs up from me but something that would need work on my personal skills to get the best out of.

And I’m off to buy a new tyre at lunchtime…