Here we are again,
Another fab TFIT,
And I can borrow a bike,
So I can ride for a wee bit

I’ve got Matt’s awesome Covert,
It’s a really nice bike,
For railing the trails,
It is very alright

Matt’s shiny Covert,
Is really quite groovy,
It should be the star,
In a new Steve F movie

I’ve still got no wheels,
On my lovely Bandit,
The distributor,
Had not well planned it

The good news is,
We’ll end up at the pub,
For plenty of beer,
And crisps for grub

I do like a TFIT,
They are really alright,
Better than my poetry,
Which is really quite sh*te

OK, I really, really promise this is the last one… maybe… as apparently my wheels are arriving today