James G flagged an article to me the other day he found on singletracks: 10 Reasons Why you Should NOT Race Your Mountain Bike. Although I may not 100% agree with the opinion, it is very droll, particularly point 10 which definitely applies to me.

However, this weekend Matt W, James G, Steve F and Andy C of the TFIT faithful were dutifully ignoring all of the advice in the article and were racing a very sketchy and I suspect wet and loose Southern Enduro course at Milland. Having just checked Strava it looks like our Steve F only went and got himself a third place (TBC, although as Dave D noted the podium photo looks like Steve won third place in lunch bag holding…). Well done Steve, cracking result!

I’m hoping for a detailed review of proceedings from someone at a later date but I HAVE heard from Matt W who has unfotunately provided reason number 11 why you should not race your bike – you might injure yourself.

I’ve not heard the blow by blow account (although I have just dropped Mrs W off at A&E to pick him up) but Matt came a cropper on one the practice runs, stacked hard and broke his finger in three bleeping places.

I’m glad to report Matt seems mostly ok aside from his finger and he’s back at home.

Also, for the morbid among you I include the A&E photos Matt took as well as Steve on the podium with his lunch.

Taking photos in A&E – kudos Matt!