So last night was an excellent TFIT. PR’s tumbled. Marbles were smashed. Oh yeah, and we got wet rather disappointingly.

At the moment I’m still “sans-Bandit” as my beasty sulks with it’s knackered Revolution TBC rear wheel but after three offers of bikes namely Matt W’s Transition Covert and Mark T’s Nicolai Helius and Bob M’s Transition Scout. I was spoiled for choice! In the end I plumped for Bob’s Transition Scout – mostly because I’ve never ridden it before in anger but also I figured it would be similar to my Bandit, so I was intrigued to see how it handled. Dave D penned some wise words on the Scout when he rode it a while ago which were rattling around my head as we rode.

If you’ve a short attention span, the conclusion is I very much like the Scout. Very much. I think it is a well sorted trail basher.

To me it feels very Bandit-esque. Tight, nimble and as with all the ‘new geometry’ bikes I had a spin on, the Scout wants you “in the attack position with your weight forward”. If I was in the market for a new steed this would be a definite contender.

I think the Pike 36s that Bob has is a great piece of kit but I suspect needs to dedicated TLC to get it setup exactly right. The pressure, rebound and sag need to be right and I reckon if you got it setup to a “Mark T type standard” it would float you over the nastiest of roots or rocks with ease. I was also very pleased to be riding a bike with Hope Enduros on it which I enjoyed enormously. But I could definitely feel the tubes in the wheel structure when things got a little quicker. I will definitely be running mine tubeless.

I didn’t feel quite as “in the bike” on the Scout as I do on my Bandit but that’s to be expected. Again with the necessary adjustments and a day of fine tuning I would be happy as Larry on it (whoever Larry is).

So, which do I prefer? Obviously my Bandit because it’s what I’m used to but the Scout is a VERY close second. I think the Scout is an capable and awesome bike. Which ever way I look at it, both are infinitely more capable than I am.

Lastly, good luck to all the TFITers who are racing the Enduro event this weekend!