Apparently we have only 83 days until wheels down in Morzine 2016. So to celebrate this I was idly browsing (ok, I’m trying to eat some time up before I go home, you got me..) bike related blogs and specifically

So I was very interested to happen across a video of the author Cat sessioning the table-tops in Les Gets which have been a topic of conversation recently with the trip getting ever closer.

Last year when we stayed in Les Gets, we spent the Friday blowing the cobwebs out on this very slope, trying and mostly failing to emulate exactly what Cat does so very well in this video. I advise you all watch it and take careful note of Cat’s entry speed:

That’s the way to do it! Personally I reckon the way to tackle these is to start a little way up the end of Squirrels, NOT from the ‘Gathering Place of dudes’ under the trees.