So, I’ve bent my rear wheel. It’s dead. I’m at peace with it now and I’m over last night’s rant. Also, as I mentioned I’d bought a Matt W’s old Hope rims off him. All good.

Now for the confusing bit. So I mail Tom up at TamedEarth to ask him about lacing up the rims for me WITH some new Hope Pro 4 Hubs… I won’t say exactly how much it was, but a small sob audibly escaped.

Or, says Tom, for £23.16 difference, he can order me some new Hope Enduro rims running on Hope Hubs. Gulp. Yes please Tom, that would be awesome!

I just don’t get it. How can the product be that discounted so that it’s effectively better to buy new rather than repair? I mean I know Tom always, ALWAYS does me a massive deal when he sorts out my bike bits but really – only £23.16 to get NEW wheels versus lacing up old?

It’s made me think about a conversation I had with Matt W when he was building the Covert about how huge some of the discounts online are. My advice is, get on CRC or see what your LBS can order up for you.

It’s crazy. God bless the interweb.