Mechanicals happen. They are very boring but they are an inevitability of riding an MTB. Things break. Get over it Chris.

However, something occurred to me today while I sit here in ‘single-wheel-limbo’. it seems that every time I have a mechanical or breakage that results in a ‘non-functioning bike’ the weather is absolutely awesome. I mean, not a drop of rain. And warm. And no wind. And…. bahhhrrrgghh…

To make matters worse, I’m sitting here idly browsing wheel bits on the interweb and thought I’d cast an eye over Strava to see what’s going on and…


God it’s depressing.

I suppose it’s time to be philosophical about these things and after all there is a small glimmer of loveliness in the midst of all this “olympic-class sitting down” – I’ve bought a pair of Hope Enduro rims from Matt W (he’s upgrading his to some Easton ARCs). Hopefully I can get these up to Tom at TamedEarth tomorrow after work and then I cross my fingers that Tom’s got time to build them up for me. Probably just in time for the weather to break and those good old April Showers to arrive… harrumph!

So aside from the weather and my total absence of enjoying it, the only thing on my mind is “Can I justify or do I need Hope Pro 4 hubs…?”. Think I know the answer to that one