So I have an imaginary evil monkey on my shoulder.

Stay with me here… Yep, it’s the small annoying kind of evil monkey that often appears when I ride and tells me in a clear and insistent monkey-like voice “You can’t make that corner” or “You’ll want to be slamming on the brakes there” and without a doubt the often heard “There’s no way you’re gonna clear that..”

I hate shoulder monkey – he’s just a total git.

Shoulder monkey was shouting loud and proud when we went up to Hydon’s the other day and he definitely psyched me out and kept me on the smaller more sensible jumps.

However what I’ve learnt is that sometimes I have to take my “evil shoulder monkey” outside and give him a proper kicking or perhaps more philosophically “learn to have a bit more faith in my bike and my abilities”.

So it was this afternoon I had a brief but satisfying jaunt up onto Mare Hill, specifically to have a look at the handy work of some more “trail pixies” during the Easter Holiday which Andy C mentioned on Friday’s TFIF. There are a couple well constructed 4ft – 6ft gaps with drop-ins near the “Witley Descent” that I spotted earlier today on a family constitutional and thought I just had to check them out.

And what do you know, I line up for the first jump and shoulder monkey arrived. “Your gonna stack there… It’s gonna hurt…”.

But do you know what, I dialled the evil-little-monkey out. I didn’t stack. I cleared them. Get in! Faith restored, confidence up. All is good.

And then I buckled my rear wheel on the last attempt…

The “evil shoulder monkey” is currently laughing his ass off while he nurses his bruises….