Just emailed out the latest “Morzine Official Email” to all and sundry, confirming some details and what the next steps are. Unsurprisingly the response to “shall we have unlimited wine and beer appears to be a resounding yes”. Funny that.

Anyway, in the myriad of email responses, Leigh B raised a very good point, namely how to identify ones-self in the gallons of GoPro footage that we will be recording? Last year, Mark T employed the ‘genius’ technique of wearing his “OMG” Hawaiian shirt. I feel therefore we should all employ this technique this year because:

  1. It will be outstandingly funny
  2. I can’t imagine what a beauty Bob would wear
  3. The French will be all like “Porquoi?”

So, in tribute of this idea I advise you head over to karmakula.co.uk and pick yourself a winner or indeed one that matches your frame colour – it appears MTB frame and Hawaiian t-shirts draw from the same colour range (they do Bermuda shorts as well Bob…). Karmakula have their shirts at £28.95 a pop and are frankly…. astounding!