Oh well done Steve F and Andy C! So after I went jump hunting with Leigh B yesterday Mr F ventured up to Hydons and met Andy there – and look what they found….

TFIT for pre-Morzine practice anyone? Hopefully Steve will pass along a more detailed review and I’ll post it here.

Speaking of Morzine – I have just paid the chalet – hoorah and huzzah! Thanks to one and all for getting your money in on time – it’s much appreciated.

I will be sending an email out shortly confirming a couple of other options and the next steps.

95 days and counting chaps!


Obviously great minds think alike, and I found myself with a couple of spare hours on Saturday evening. I fancied another closer look at the new lines that Mark spotted and I’d also spied alongside the back of the chair.

A quick text to see if anyone was about and off I trotted. On arrival it was apparent that the trail pixies have been extremely busy, many beautifully crafted berms, gaps, jumps and even a little step up have been carved into the loam. A quick walk through some of the new stuff and then time to ride it. A little soft in places, but overall lots of grip where it mattered and all the various lines have you grinning like a goon in short order.

Andy C turned up shortly after, and with that the stakes were raised higher and higher. That meant going for the smaller gap a couple of times, which gave us the courage to ride the bigger brother. But whoever made these certainly knew their stuff, the run in gives you perfect speed to launch over the gap and land on the smooth downslope and quickly into the next feature.

All the runs are over in less than 30 seconds, but they really get you going and would be perfect for confidence building in the upcoming Enduro events and on the lead up to Morzine.

How long it will be until the NIMBY brigade and NT come and tear it down is anyone’s guess, so get out there.