Yayyy… Buckets of Joy… Two-wheeled ecstasy… and all round happiness and excitement.

We’ve reached a milestone today. We have 100 days (or 3 months 8 days in old money) until Morzine 2016 – the “Bell End Tour” (other names will be accepted).

Hopefully everyone has been out on the trails over Easter despite Storm Katie’s best efforts and the increasingly ‘spring-esque’ weather as well as the oh so welcome change in the clocks is, like me, turning your thoughts to dry and dusty trails…

Not that we are doing the event, but just in case you’ve forgotten what it’s like “over there” in that there Morzine, the very lovely people who organise Pass’portes du Soleile have posted this teaser for the 2016 event:

Quite a few of us have, but for those that haven’t – “gentle reminder” that you should have paid your outstanding £105 into the MBAOJ so I can pay the Chalet which I have to do next week. UPDATE: The chalet has just emailed me – I have to pay them the outstanding deposit on 4th April – that is next Monday to be specific so please get any outstanding monies in asap please

So we have flights, we have a positive slew of new / upgraded bikes, we have a catered chalet, we have a MVOJ, we have MVOJ drivers and we have the A-Team on Spotify. It’s all good.

Once the chalet is fully paid up I will also start chasing for MVOJ money – I’d appreciate if you can sort this ASAP as I’d like to get money to Bob and Andy T / Simon asap.

At some point soon we will fix a date for packing the MVOJ – candidates include either Chichester Hall in Witley, Bob’s yard just off the A3 near Ripley or somewhere else that suits Andy and Simon. You’ll need your bike and your bag obvs!

Keep your eyes peeled for more emails regarding van money and transfer money. Any outstanding questions – drop me a mail.