I rejoice at this news article which is both reassuring and frankly hysterical in equal measure:

‘Boaty McBoatface’ leads vote to name new polar ship

So essentially, if you ask the internet what you should call a thing, don’t be surprised if the internet recommends something extremely funny. Therefore I will be penning an email to Transition and other bike manufacturer’s Marketing Departments recommending they adopt the following names for any of their upcoming models (Thanks to David D who ‘out-named’ me in about 5 minutes flat):

  • Bikey McBikeFace
  • Giddy McGiddyUp
  • Crashy McSplatterFace
  • Jumpy McBigGap
  • Floater McBoater
  • RailyMcBermy
  • Wheelie McManual
  • Steve McGotKOM
  • Pony McLoamy
  • Flash McLoadsaCash
  • Rolly McBigWheel
  • Bouncy McBigFork

I see a market opportunity here for ‘appropriately alternative bike stickers’. For example, my old Giant Anthem could have been Muddy McMudTrap.

Any other suggestions gratefully received