Think I might regret writing this blog – but anyhoo, here goes.

Just read a couple of interesting blogs from Morzine Source Magazine about the potential impact of a “Brexit” on Morzine and the Portes du Soleil area generally. Obviously Morzine is very UK friendly as a place, not least from the quantity of UK peeps who live, work and have fun there year round, be it board, ski or bike related.

Now far be it for me to make any kind of political statement, I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion and all that jazz, but the f*ckwits politicians who are calling for the UK to leave are having a fundamentally negative effect on the pound. Last year when we went, things were very healthy at a GBP to Euro rate of 1.44. I’ve just checked the currency rate on and it’s languishing at 1.27. I remember skiing with Dave D, Leigh B and Buz a few years ago and the rate was basically 1.00:1.00. Buying a chocolate chaud on that trip made me sob like a child.


The referendum date is set for 26th June, just before we head to Morzine so we will either be welcomed or burnt at the border – either of those things is possible…

Anyway, I have therefore concluded that Boris Johnson is a gimp without a backbone, IDS is simply positioning himself for the aftermath of the Conservative civil war for a better cabinet job and all those other politcos who are arguing for the UK to leave:

  1. Hate MTBers
  2. Are power hungry dicks who are more interested in securing more political power than they are in the social well-being of the UK populous
  3. Are trying to ruin my spiritual relationship with the French Alps
  4. Are so self-important they want to waste UK taxpayer money on a stupid bloody referendum instead of spending it on better things (like trail centers…)
  5. Are just fuckwits annoying people

I know the EU is flawed (I should do, I worked within it for a while). I know it could be better. I know French Politicans are annoying (they just are). But I’m sorry, I wish the “Leave” crowd would all just take a running jump off Big Ben.

A pox on them all… Here endeth the rant.