This weekend I have been mostly doing the “active parenting” thing as Mrs Morzine is away on a “yoga and art retreat”. I don’t know if the art is done at the same time as the yoga – suspect that might be tricky but what do I know…

Anyway, the “active parenting” required me to drive child B to a birthday party earlier today at Tillingbourne School – not far from David D’s house. So child dropped off, I had an hour or so to kill so I went hunting trails.

I’ve been interested in a trail David showed me some photos of last year which is off Combe Lane near Shere which I briefly blogged about it in Speed is your Friend. I’m interested in it because it did look like very “jumpy fun” and might be good pre-Morzine training, trail jumps being somewhat absent really in this neck of the woods.

So off I set and eventually found the car park at the trail head where low and behold I came across Paul – the trail builder of the “Jubilee Line” (built in 2012) – which is the name of the trail above. And what a lovely guy Paul was – I asked him if he could point me in the direction of the trail head and instead he very kindly showed me the trail from top to bottom and gave me a blow by blow description of every 2ft – 8ft jump, drop-in, kicker, drop (one tasty 5 footer), berm flat corner and other obstacle which was just brilliant. Paul made it look very, very, VERY easy – even the ‘canyon gap’ which was I reckon 8-9+ ft. I swear he cleared it with about 2 feet to spare!!

So – I have to say, I think this trail would be a very good use of a Saturday if you want jumps practice. I’ve taken some screenshots from the video above because my phone died as I was running after Paul down the trail.

Oh yeah – the “urban legend” thing…

So Paul and I are chatting about local rides as we walked back up and I mention “Barry Knows Best”.

“Oh, Barry, you know why it’s named after him don’t you” says Paul.

So apparently back in the day before Barry Knows Best was so named, the run down was very different and was called the “Dog’s B*llocks” (apparently due to the “dog leg” shape of the trail… ahem). The end of the trail was badly defined and was sort of a hit and hope affair. So Paul is riding down with his mate BARRY THE PLUMBER (local guy, now in his mid 50s, still rides but more “socially” these days) and Barry shouts out “follow me”, takes the wrong line and promptly stacks in a rhododendron thicket, maiming both himself and the bike.

Post-ride after they had extracted Barry from the thicket, they decided something required doing about this potential death trap (there were a not insignificant number of casualties apparently) so over the following months Paul and his crew started defining the trail line which has now become the BKB that we all know and have ridden. Mystery solved.

Thank’s Paul!