So Andy C mailed round a video response to the Tidworth video I posted yesterday “When you don’t have enough speed” showing what we should seek to avoid doing by going to Tidworth for some practice. Now don’t let you embed videos so I had a quick search on YouTube looking for it without success as the video demonstrates (as did MountainBikeGeezer’s video) that speed is your friend – a lesson I need to take to heart!

However, what I did come across was this – which is Surrey Hills near Coombe Lane apparently. This is another great video as the rider is going great guns until the last gap and again shows why carrying speed is so important sometimes. As the poster Thor Thompson puts it:

Doing all the jumps on the big line for the first time, and the drop off for the first time. Then crashing because I didn’t have enough speed :). It’s north of Shere, up a road called Coombe lane. then there’s a car park at the top of that road, from there you go through this gap in a fence and it’s pretty much there. Or if you go to the bottom of Coombe lane there is a turning into the bottom of the trail next to a footpath sign, sorry I can’t explain it any better.

So that’s a neck of the woods I am unfamiliar with BUT I was wondering if David D or Steve F have an opinion on this because it does look like it could be worth an explore?