A handful of weeks ago, whilst we clattered down Fatboy 4 on the Punchbowl. As we hit terminal velocity over a few roots, my chain uncharacteristically dropped. Pulling over as everyone else hammered past with a few “you ok’s” but with no real intention of stopping unless I’d lost a limb or snapped the bike in half, I noticed the primordial grey ooze that had come out of the rear shock.

Being a bike expert I realised straight away that is not right, so upon sitting back in the saddle I knew (with relief) that I could still ride the remaining few miles to the pub. The rear end now resembled a bouncy castle style journey as all the damping had gone from the shock.

As I mentioned, being a certified bike mechanic I called Steve from www.gearedupcyclesshop.com so he could fix the problem. A week later and £120 lighter my refurbished bike returned, I’d even forgotten how different the three switching modes should have felt. What impressed me was just the level of detail and care they take when servicing, they even give you a little bag of all the broken bits and bobs they replaced.

So suffering for one ride on the hardtail whilst all this took place made me vow to service all the shocks and bearings on an annual basis. Lesson learnt.

Steve F