So I’ve just come back from a highly pleasing ride up to Gibbets and back and I do believe the dry trails resulted in several KOM’s without a shadow of a doubt. I know this because I totally forgot to switch Strava on because I am a Muppet….

Anyway,  aside from the dry trails and distinctly spring like weather, doubly pleasing this weekend, Strava (and email) informs me the Leigh B is back in the saddle after a six week lay-off due to a severely knackered shoulder / trapped nerve which is excellent news in a “130 days until Morzine” kinds of way. Leigh choose to mark the occasion with this *superb* (ahem) video edit made with his newly acquired GoPro which frankly made me spit my coffee over my keyboard! Move over Steven Spielberg is all I can say. Just priceless.

And speaking of coffee, Leigh also shared what possibly could be the ‘must have’ accessory for the Surrey Mountain Biker this year – the Handspresso! I kid you not – reviewed in MBR I would guess, the perfect thing for a trailside pick-me-up for the ‘carbon Elsworth‘ enthusiast?