Oh Mark and your deep love of vertiginous drops!

How you love it when the edge of the trail “drops away into some ar*e clenching pit of hades”. I remember on Andy C’s Morzine II (I think) when we dropped off the top of Avoriaz and all of a sudden Mark slowed down (this I recall because he was even slower than me astounding as that sounds) and went a bit pale round the edges at the sight of the VERY big drop at the edge of the trail. He has a similar reaction on part of the PDS along a ridgeline if memory serves.

With that in mind Mark, I suggest you don’t watch this little nugget supplied by James G from devour.com which shows Alejandro Paz slightly on the raggedy edge – literally.

Speaking of Morzine – keep the latest monies coming in. Thanks to Mark T, Matt W, Steve F and Buz for early contributions.