I thought I would run through a quick review of the Sheffield based Inbred 29er Singlespeed. There’s plenty on offer here as the Inbred sports both wheels, saddle and handlebars, making it fall firmly in the BSO camp (Bike Shaped Object). For you techies out there – that’s hand-crafted, double-butted DN6 4130 chromoly steel, no doubt rolled on the hairy thighs of sweaty Yorkshire men. Y’areet.


The inbred has a stem. This stems from the word Stem. This particular stem was secured via some shady underhand dealings just south of Guildford. Decals not included.

IMG_3261There’s 0 mm of travel upfront, and if you have the cash, build option 1 comes with duct tape pre-installed, and extra bling on the wheels. 8/10 would recommend.

IMG_3263A 29.8mm seatpost clamp is optional. I’ve gone for the stealthy never-drop option – Given the seatpost is seized up in the frame creating a bond stronger that steel. Controversial.

The ride

When you get on the bike and turn the cranks, the bike moves forward. By shifting your weight slightly left or right, and a touch of input to the steering mechanism, the bike changes direction admirably. Stopping duties are taken care of by the brakes, or any incline. Given the lack of any gears, go for a large frame, making it easier to comfortably push the bike up hills.


Yes. Its a bicycle. Move along.