So I’ve got a new job which is my only excuse for not blogging recently and also the reason for the featured image. I saw this on the wall outside my office and marvelled that someone actually took the time to make such a small and inoffensive bit of graffiti (and ir also appears they cannot spell). It also perfectly sums up how I feel before I’ve had my morning coffee.

However I feel inspired to post a couple of overdue updates that James G sent me after reading Mr D’s most excellent most recent blog (nice bike review Dave – The On One Inbred – the bike of the ‘purist’)

Anyway, the first is “Macro Genesis” by Team Infocus using some really cool film techniques to show the birth of a mountain bike:

And the second video is just awesome – Sam Reynolds, Olly Wilkins and Ben Deakin show how it should be done in the Surrey Hills.

TFIT tomorrow – I won’t be riding as I am currently sans-lights. (UPDATE: might be riding after all, Matt W has very kindly offered me to borrow one of his old ones) I finally bit the bullet and sent my Exposure off to get hopefully mended after ANOTHER lights failure last week. A big thanks to Cycleworks in Haslemere for sorting that out for me.