So I try to teach my kids to have a balanced and reasonable appreciation of others. Understand that other people do their thing and you should respect that (to a degree) and it’s fair that they should respect that you like to do your thing.

Great. Points for Parenting. General karma in the Universe +1. Awesome

However yesterday I decided to ride up to the Punchbowl and do Baby Zeds before Storm Imogen did her worst, which was all good and groovy if a little soggy. Then I found the “4×4” carnage that is the green lane at the top of the bowl. Now, as I mentioned above, I subscribe to live and let live. I accept that other people like to use the countryside and that is the way it is. I’m polite when I ride. I slow down for “ramblers”, walkers and horses and generally try to not be a total tossbag when I’m on the trail.

But the Green Laners. Total and utter selfish bastards.

It’s not that I mind people green laning – I mean why shouldn’t they? They are not breaking the law and everyone should be able to do their hobby. What I DO mind is that the total and utter carnage they leave behind. The trail just at the top of Marbles is completely impassable. In February! So if you are walking or riding a bike (and if the damage continues riding a horse for that matter) you now have to deviate off the track and walk / ride off path. Causing the trail to widen and generally pissing off the wardens.

The “positive parent” in me is not sure what the answer is.

However, the MTBer in me says Snipers.

Yes, definitely snipers.