So I singularly failed to make TFIT last night. Looks like a good ride was had by all though on a vaguely dry and vaguely warm February evening. I on the other hand passed out at about 9:30 – I’m really not used to these early starts required by the new job.

Anyway, it’s a Friday, so as I sit here building a Centos7 ngnix box on Vagrant (yes, that’s what my life entails) I had a quick check of SingleTrack while the box was building. There I found this awesome video about trail building in The Oxford Forest near Christchurch in New Zealand.

The Wharefdale Trail is obviously not somewhere we will be heading to in the near future but it details the work a group of riders are doing to generally repair and care for the trails they ride.

And it has given me my phrase of the day – “Trail Karma”! Enjoy: