So people who ride off-road bikes are just fundamentally creative.

A possibly sweeping statement I grant you but also, IMHO completely true. I back this statement up with Dirt Factory which I came across on the Bike Dirt blog today – a partially crowd funded indoor MTB and BMX park which a group of six passionate riders are trying to set-up in Manchester, close to Media City.

According to their website:

Dirt Factory will be the UK’s first indoor mountain bike park – a fun and friendly recreation facility for all ages and abilities. The park will boast a wide range of progressive, flowing, indoor bike trails, skills zones, jumps and foam pits.

What an absolutely superb idea! Dirt Park will offer skills and jump lines, XC loops, North Shore as well as cafe, coaching, bike rental and retail space.

Currently they are seeking Crowd Funding to help finalise the finance (by April 2016) to get the park live by October 2016, something I will be contributing to as soon as possible (well, after I get paid from impending new job that is…). And if you want to get an idea about what they are chasing, take a look at the following video.