So excellent TFIT last night.

18 ish miles with not a lot of climbing but twas a bit on the chilly side. I was carrying my “Professional Northerner” card last night and did not take any full length tights – I mean, it’s only hypothermia – right?

Speaking of hypothermia – Matt W (who was not feeling the love from the start) singularly failed to make a stream crossing and promptly fell sideways in it. It was not glamorous but it was a bit funny!

And speaking of funny, my abiding memory of the evening is Steve showing us a very twisty “new downhill” somewhere on Hankley Common. On seeing this he assured us “You can just roll that if you want” then promptly stacked the first corner with Andy and Mark as well.

So Matt and I walked the first bit…

Oh yeah – no fire in the Three Horseshoes – “Zut Alors” and Mark REALLY likes his new bike

And one more thing – Happy 40th Birthday James!