You know, mud, trees, transvestites, dog walkers with no dogs, fires and now apparently sewing machines. Not your “typical” woodland paraphernalia and particularly not when they are so beautifully positioned on a deeply appropriate log.

However, the costumier requirements of woodland faeries aside, I digress. Last night we had a TFIT.

It started badly for me when I discovered my bike kit hidden in a black plastic bag where it had been sitting for a couple of weeks. Yes, its smelled like a badgers armpit. So, donning a hasty selection of ‘other’ riding kit I managed to make it to Marks by 8.15 where we had a nice trio of firsts.

It’s not that this is the first time Mark T or James G have ridden their new bikes, just more like they have not ridden them in ‘anger’ in January slime (and lets be honest, Mark had not been feeling the love for his 29er previously and had in truth tried to flog it to Malcolm W). We also had the sight of Andy C riding on a full travel 650b and what a thing of beauty that was.

So, the conclusions:

  1. Mark’s 29er makes him look 28% more ‘ickle’
  2. James’ Capra makes him whoop like a teenage girl sitting on a washing machine on fast spin
  3. Mark prefers SRAM X1 gears to Shimano XT
  4. James likes the “no dramas” of the 170mm “plush” travel he has
  5. Mark prefers Shimano XT brakes compared to SRAM Guide R
  6. Andy found it all just a little bit bouncy

More to follow no doubt