But of course, how could I forget, there was a Jolly Boys Outing™ in the mud and the slime between Christmas and New Year.

Well done to Matt W for organising another one with excellent pie, chips and beer related shenanigans all round.

Sadly my phone died in the pub (somewhere around pint 5 I think) so I have no photos of the pub carnage this year but to sum it all up:

  • Bikes in the mud
  • Mud in the mud
  • Muddy twigs killed Steve F’s rear mech
  • Beer is still nice
  • Sambucca is nice – still
  • Dave is no longer darts champ
  • Matt scared a posh man
  • Mark tried to sell Malcolm his bike
  • I had a hangover – before I went to bed. Again

EDIT: New photos from Dave D added