So, I absolutely love Strava and I absolutely hate Strava.

It’s an awesome app and who doesn’t have a slight smile when they clock a PB or even the rarest of rares a KOM ride. However, equally, how I hate it when I nail a fantastic run… and I’m still 15 seconds behind someone (… Steve)

However, hats off to the folks at Strava for these little nuggets of joy created at – videos summing up your 2015 riding in all it’s glory or infamy.

And I completely laughed my ass off when I saw mine compared to Steve’s. Steve gets all his KOMs in the video and I get all my Kudos!

I think Strava could only have improved that if when it got to the KOM bit it just played an animation of a tumble weed blowing by….

However, top marks to Mark T who has come up with the quote of the year and it’s only January 4th:

“…My mile : height ratio and indeed height : hour ratio are in fact higher than Steve’s”

Strava stats are awesome. Well, at least they are for people other than me!