Well, I will be next Tuesday on Tuesday 22nd at any rate.

Yep, I love December. Cake, chocolate, Christmas meals, fine single malt whisky (hint to anyone who’s reading), the Jolly Boys Outing™ and the outside chance of something bike related below the Christmas tree. It’s just all good.

But best of all there is the most important Pagan festival we celebrate at this time of year, yep, you know – the Winter Solstice.

Prompted by quite possibly the earliest TFIT related text I’ve ever received (7.00am – just wow Mark!) I’ve just had quick check on http://www.timeanddate.com and can confirm that on 22nd December the daytime length is 7 hrs 49 mins and 41 seconds and the day after that increases to 7 hrs 49 mins 46 seconds and then every day after that!

Hoorah, just fecking hoorah

Obviously I still have to wait until late Feb / March for the chance to get some actual “post-work go for a ride” daylight, but it’s coming… oh yes, it’s coming

[ image from http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap071222.html ]