Spank me with a soggy badger, Mark T has only gone and picked up a contender for “MTB Bargain of the Century”.

So last night we got to meet Mark’s new steed, his Specilized Enduro Elite 29er. Completely bucking the trend for 27.5, Mr T has plumped for long travel on a 29er and what a piece of kit.

A 155mm Pike RC Solo, Crane Creek rear shock, SRAM X1 dripping in abundance, Specialized’s own dropper and some wide, wide rims on those Roval wheels. We also very much like a bike with a horizontal shock although the linkage at the rear of the shock does look a bit “mud trappy”. However, that minor niggle cannot detract from a very nice looking trail weapon and despite the reported weight of 30 lbs (14 kg) I have to be honest when I employed the tried and trusted ‘picking it up with one hand’ test it felt a lot lighter than that and very well balanced. Nice. Very, very nice.

Ignoring the fact that Mark turned up with his plastic spoke guard still in place (fail),  much collective ooh-ing and ahh-ing was to be heard by the assembled TFITs, particularly by the 29er brigade who have added another to their ranks. And the best thing of all – it cost him half-price thanks to lovely guys at Cycleworks in Haslemere.

Now I only have one question – how the f*ck I’m going to keep up with Mark now?