So last night saw a milestone of the TNBRs, namely 10 years of Thursday nights – that would be 10 years of

  • Bikes, beer, dust, mud and mechanicals
  • Alpine, Welsh and South Downs adventures
  • Broken bikes and broken bones
  • KOMs and Crashes
  • Lesbians in bars
  • Transvestites in cars
  • Bar fights and Spiderman
  • Perverts in Puttenham
  • Interrupting wakes
  • Awesome Roasts
  • Awesome chips
  • F*cking Rodborough Common
  • Random fires and chasing badgers
  • Questionable fashion choices
  • Weirding people out

since Andy, Tim, Mark [edit – oops, sorry Mark!] and Bob started the whole thing off! I fully expect the “hover-mtb” to be available by the time we get to the 20 year anniversary.

It also occurred to me that technically speaking this upcoming Morzine trip is in fact a “TNBR 10 Year Anniversary trip” (as well as James’ Birthday trip) and is therefore fully justifiable! Matt even put on some special socks!