Well, it would appear we have a healthy amount of Theoretical Yes™ today.

So Mark has kicked the ball off with his “this is what I would like to be riding in Morzine next year, followed By Andy T’s possible one more rider and then capped with Tim adding his name to the Theoretical Yes™ camp which currently stands as:

  1. Me
  2. Tim W
  3. Steve F
  4. Andy T
  5. Andy T’s +1
  6. Andy C
  7. Bob M
  8. Tig D
  9. Craig D
  10. Dave D
  11. Matt W
  12. Mark T
  13. James G – UPDATE
  14. Andy P – UPDATE
  15. Malcolm W – UPDATE UPDATE

[UPDATE] – So I’ve had an extra couple of Theoretical Yes™ emails this morning which now stands us at 14!!!!

[UPDATE UPDATE] – Malc is up for this as well – we now stand at a monster 15 – awesome turnout!

So that would be a dirty dozen fourteen fifteen as things stand.

In case you are wondering a Theoretical Yes™ is the same as a normal yes but without the grief that actually spending money causes.

We like a good Theoretical Yes™. As a side issue, I have not had any joy finding catered chalets in Morzine who also do transfers for the same amount of money as UpTheAlps sadly.

Also, have just checked on Easythief and flights for July are now available – £39 each way as it stands with additional charges (£23 ish) for a hold bag and (£70 ish) for a bike bag.

That puts flying with Easythief in the £170 ballpark as things stand at the moment.

Dates still stand as flying out last flight on the evening of Thursday 7th July and flying back last flight on Monday 11th July.

Something else to discuss on Thursday night then.