Read a very interesting blog this morning by Surrey Hills MTB (sorry for having a similar blog name – not intended. Image above from Friends of The Hurtwood).

They report the current (as of June) status of the sale of the Hurtwood and what is going on generally. I was particularly interested in the ‘possible scenarios’. I do hope we get a conclusion to this soon as I suspect there are a lot of people wondering if the fantastic trails we have all been riding will stay as accessible as they are.

I think whoever buys the land, I really hope they see the opportunity provided by access to trails for MTBers, horse riders and walkers, not least the possibility for income generation for the local area and the landowner. For example, would I be prepared to pay to ride (via carpark charges for example) at the Hurtwood? I think the answer is a resounding yes.

Whatever happens, we continue to wait with baited breath – unless of course I win the lottery this weekend in which case I’m gonna try to buy BKB!